Solutions for Wood and Paper industry

ATA - Advanced Tag Applicator - Fits in every space


With the newly developed RFID solution from Logopak for the furniture industry, an automatic identification of workpieces and furniture parts is enabled without barcode labels.

Benefits of this in particular are complete traceability of the process chain. The verification of deliveries and loading of lorries is significantly simplified. Complaints can still be verified later. Labels no longer need to be removed as was necessary before.

This new RFID technology can be applied in all areas of production: Kitchen, bath and office furniture manufacturing, interior design and in the entire logistics field.



Paper Industry:

The paper industry is among the most versatile production sectors, providing the market with everything from labels and paper tissues, plain writing paper, corrugated cardboard to fleece material and large-size paper sheets. Whatever you produce, we have the right solution for you. Our latest development: a label printer for sizes up to DIN A3. Our machines are tuned for compliance with the FEFCO labelling standards. In addition, they enable you to reproduce all types of logos, for example to inform your customers of quality and sustainability standards met by your products.  


Advantages at a glance:

  • Systems for a wide range of sizes and materials
  • Dust protection housing
  • Inclusion of logos (e.g. FSC) on the label
  • Layouts according to FEFCO standard
  • Label size up to DIN A3


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