The stable middelware for data communication and -management in the Print & Apply process for the industry. Real-time marking - intelligently solve.

LogoSoft - an industry middleware for data transport and data control in all areas of industrial labeling - easy and expandable. Database-based, flexible, transparent and extensible.

LogoSoft from Logopak connects, manages and controls all marking processes in the industrial labeling process in one place - for high retrievability, accuracy and scalability in the various process steps of product identification.

This evolutionary product has been in use for 15 years when it comes to industrial labeling systems. Developed, improved and expanded today is LogoSoft, the most stable and flexible industry middleware in the field of industrial labeling. This stable product benefits from the market experiences of its developers. Once installed, it runs stably.


All these programmes can of course be adapted and extended according to your requirements. Just give us a call: contact