Our labels


Paper labels are the most commonly used and cost-effective consumables for processing in thermal transfer printers. The prints are produced by means of wax ribbons. For the printing of plastic labels, wax/resin print ribbons or resin ribbons are used to obtain scratch-proof and non-smudging prints.

We offer a great choice of top-class thermal transfer ribbons for all conventional technologies. Whether you want to produce simple address labels or durable type plates – our experts will assist you in choosing the thermal transfer foil that best suits your needs. Most of our ribbons and foils are available in stock in various widths and colours.

Wax ribbons

Wax ribbons are a cost-effective solution for low-energy printing methods. They are particularly suitable for applications such as shipping labels where long-term readability is not major concern. When used on rough paper, these thermal transfer ribbons produce excellent printing results.

Wax/resin ribbons

Wax/resin ribbons have been specially designed for medium-energy printing. They allow for sharply contoured prints on coated paper and plastic. Higher resin contents ensure that the labels are more smudge-proof and scratch-resistant.

Resin ribbons

Resin ribbons are used in high energy printing. They produce images that are not only scratch-resistant and smudge-proof but also resistant to various substances such as petrol, alcohol and other solvents. When used on smooth plastic surfaces, they produce durable, sharply contoured prints with excellent saturation.