RFID labellers

Most of our systems are available with future-proof RFID technology. Thanks to the high quality of the components and the sturdy modular design, they can be retrofitted with the new technology at any stage. Our pallet labelling system with RFID tag-on-demand technology has set new standards for RFID applications. The system allows for RFID labelling on demand, i.e. when and where you need it. It is thus not necessary to equip every single packing unit with an RFID transponder. Depending on your requirements, our labellers can be equipped with transponders of the 13.56 MHz and UHF 868 MHz frequency range (EPC global UHF class 1 gen 2).



Our videos:

Case Labelling with RFID

Pallet Labelling with RFID

Intelligent RFID Tagging