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Logopak designs and builds the most reliable, high-performance print and apply labeling machines in the industry.  Logopak's 25 years of experience produces fully integrated industrial printers that you can expect to last in the field more than 10 years.  We're not your average label machine.

All machine controls are accessed through our single easy-to-use touch screen user interface so there is no operator confusion.  Our systems are stand alone so no PC is needed to operate them.  Our stainless steel print heads require no adjustments, especially after routine maintenance or replacement.  We can print and apply up to 120 4"x2" labels per minute in batch mode and up to 40 4"x6" shipping labels per minute real time.

We use 3 and 5 phase stepper motors for the beefy power you need for your application.  We use aluminum and steel where others use plastic.  We use bearings, not bushings for long-term alignment of our rollers.  Finally, our 3 year warranty provides you with the assurance your labeling system will work day in, day out and that we stand behind what we sell.

Do you have a labeling question that you'd like our help with?  Just fill out our "Questions" form to the right.  Our Logopak team loves a challenge!

Logopak Exhibiting with Pak-Tec at SouthPack 2014 – Booth 1613

Logopak Corporation, a leading provider of industrial print and apply labeling systems, will be joining its southeastern regional distributor, Pak-Tec at SoutPack 2014, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 15-16, 2014. Learn more.

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